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Short films you’ve probably never seen by Studio Ghibli animators

It’s been six years since the last movie from oscar-winning animation studio Studio Ghibli and although they just announced that two new films will be released later this year, followed by long-awaited theme park in 2022, there’s still a Hayao Miyazaki shaped hole in our lives. But have no fear! If you’re having withdrawal symptoms there are plenty of […]

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Studio Ghibli’s 10 Best Protagonists, Ranked

There have been several memorable characters in the Studio Ghibli universe over the years, but some of the protagonists really stand out. One of the most beloved animation studios in the history of cinema, Studio Ghibli has steadily grown a huge fanbase outside of its native Japan over the years, with audiences worldwide becoming swept up by […]

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You can now take a free virtual tour of the Studio Ghibli Museum

Amongst a treasure trove of pandemic releases, Studio Ghibli have just released a Youtube channel stocked with walkthrough videos from their beloved Tokyo Museum.  The once mysterious Studio Ghibli museum has now been released to the public, with a collection of virtual tours available on Youtube. Sadly having closed its doors back in February, the studio have […]

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